Maxime Turquetil

Hi! Welcome on my Computer Security blog 😀

I hope you'll find suitable content for you. As this blog will be beginner-intermediate content, errors may occur.

If you see any errors, have suggestions about the blog or ideas about blogs posts, feel free to contact me at maxime@mturquetil.fr.

About me

My passion for computer security is logically related from my curiosity and my desire to divert normal usage of what surrounds me.

In my early teens I remember doing challenges on Root-Me.org and even trying to find SQL Injection on production websites with Havij (good ol' script kiddie 😌).

This is how I naturally did computer science studies. My studies gave me the opportunity to discover new areas of computer science. So I continued my journey with web development where I did a 2-year internship as a Fullstack developer in a tourism start-up. I had good times developping websites, mobile applications and improving web-applications with cutting-edge technologies but still felt that it was just a phase in my career.

Thanks to the Coronavirus Lockdown (🥳) that took place in March, I reconnected to computer security by doing some wargames on OverTheWire.org and playing Cryptopals. I then took classes on pwn.college which is an initiative by Arizona State University but I’ll talk about it in a future post.

Blog goals

First of all, the reason I created this blog is mostly because I like to share knowledge and help people. That’s kind of a payback for the help I received on IRCs, Discords or forums.

This blog will also allow me to leave a trace of my progression in computer security area.

Here’s a list of the content I’ll publish on this blog:

  • Write-ups (Wargames, CTF challenges)
  • Deepening of a subject (e.g, while doing Cryptopals I implemented AES algorithm in C)
  • Tutorials on vulnerabilities and their exploitation
  • Feedback from training experiences (eg. pwn.college)